Picter Workspace includes sharing options for specific and general use cases. 

  • Share a project for review with enabled review flags.

  • Deliver a reduced presentation of your project. 

  • Or request image files with a public inbox link.

  • You have the option to invite team members privately via email

Review links are a quick and easy way to get feedback on a project. With the public review link any Reviewer can approve and reject images with a single click.

Presentation links display all images in your project. The public link gives access to the image sequence within the project. If enabled you can include

Inbox links create a public space for your collaborators to upload image files with a simple drag and drop. If you expect someone to deliver images to you, the public link offers an easy option to transmit large sets of image files in a well structured way. 

Team members & Email invites

Via a personalized email message you can invite team members. Team members have a similar project access to yours. You can define whether the receivers of your projects can make changes to the project or not. If you share projects with team members, they can privately access the project when logged into a Picter account. 

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