With Observation Mode, you can present your work to clients and get instant feedback without sharing your screen. While you present, other people, distributed across several countries and times zones, can give you live annotations, comments, and approvals. You will also be able to track changes from your collaborators, see who is online, shadow their movements, and gain easier feedback to your projects.

How to activate Observation Mode

Observation Mode can be activated at any time, by selecting the avatar of your collaborators, allowing you to choose one-to-one reviews or group people in the process.

Observing another person means that you will see his/her movements and share the same vision – in real-time. The observing person can follow your movement within a project. When you view collections or flick through images, your teammate will see the collections and flick through the same images. Whenever you change the user interface, your colleagues will be able to ghost you through the entire process.

Using Observation Mode in practice

Here’s a foolproof way of collaborating remotely:

  1. Call your clients, teammates or collaborators via audio

  2. Sign in to your Picter account

  3. Observe their screen using Picter’s Observation Mode or;

  4. Be observed while presenting or giving feedback

You will love the native resolution for your visuals!

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